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Olá From Rio de Janeiro!

Population: 12 million +Average temp: 75 °FOfficial song: Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvelous City)Born in Rio? You’re officially a “Carioca”SCORE! The 2014 World Cup will be held in Rio and the 2016 Summer Olympics, too!  It’s #1: Rio is the most visited city in the southern hemisphere
Olá from The Amazon!Age: 55 million years oldSize: 2.1 million square miles, 60% of which lies in BrasilLoud Neighbors: Toucans, the most popular bird in the Amazon, can be heard up to half a mile away!Breathe deeply: Dubbed the “Lungs of the Planet” – this rainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen.
They key to true Carioca style? Tropical prints, bright-as-you-can-bear hues and an up-for-anything attitude. Shop NEON!
Olá from Brasil! 

Population: 192 million + Capital: BrasiliaLanguage Spoken: Portuguese Official Sport: Futebol! Number of World Cup wins: 5 (the most of any nation)Made in Brasil: Caipirinhas, supermodels, some of the BEST telenovelas, and of course – everyone’s favorite flip-flop – havaianas! Latest claim to fame: Macy’s new campaign!
Sun, sand, excitement … Brasil has it all. We snapped these INSTAGRAM pics when we were on location shooting our big Brasil campaign. Stay tuned for more Brasil!

Macy's Front Row