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Ready for the weekend! What are you wearing?  #fridaynight #tgif @beautytipsy #tonyatakeover #macys
We’re going crazy over how adorable the newest character sweaters are — and they’re the key to mastering the Artistic Flair trend. Get in our closet!
C’est très jolie! Maison Jules, one of the newest Impulse collections, is Parisian street chic at its best.
We’ve seen cool dip-dyes, crazy rips and deconstructions and now… quilting! One of the many reasons we simply can’t get enough of the Urban Utility trend this season.
Swoon: Wedge sneakers at the height of rocker chic
The Urban Utility trend is taking to the streets this season. We like to call it edgy meets sporty meets glam!
Geometric patterns in graphic black and white with a hint of red is super fresh - and another key part of our Just Dandy trend this season!

Macy's Front Row